eBooks 101

Welcome to our About eBooks page! If you're here, you are probably curious about what all the fuss is about when it comes to digital fiction. You may have an e-reader already, or you're considering purchasing one. Let us help explain why reading ebook fiction has become a growing preference for avid readers across the world!

What is an ebook?

An ebook has all of the same content as a regular book but is in a digital format meant for reading on an e-reader such as a kindle, nook, or ipad. So it's just like a regular book-only instead of buying a stack of bound paper, you buy a digital document that you can read on an e-reader.

Popular e-readers include:


How do ebooks work?

To read an ebook you must have an e-reader such as one listed above. You can also read ebooks on your computer or laptop. Each reading device has a preferred file format for the ebooks compatible with it.

For example, Kindle readers can read .mobi files and Nook readers are compatible with .epub files.

Here is what the file of a book titled "Reading is Fun" may look like: readingisfun.mobi or readingisfun.epub. There are also various other formats such as a .pdf. Pdf files are best used when reading off of a computer but are also compatible with almost every reading device. Check with the maker of your e-reader to find out which file format is compatible with your device.

Benefits of ebooks

eBooks give readers extraordinary flexibility in both reading and enjoying their library of books. Here are just a few benefits of the ebook format!

  • You can store all of your books on one e-reader, and have quick and easy access at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.
  • eBooks allow you to look up, define, and translate words and phrases that are unfamiliar to you and can give you a direct link to other resources online.
  • eBooks offer you the ability to obtain novels more quickly, because there is no waiting for delivery. Once purchased, you can begin reading an ebook immediately.
  • eBooks are good for the environment. They don't use paper, which means that no trees are needed to produce them. They never need to be discarded or recycled. They also don't require shipping, which cuts down on the pollution caused by transportation.
  • eBooks are often more cost effective than paperback books - because they cost less to produce, they cost less for you to purchase!
  • eBooks are adjustable. You can illuminate a screen for reading in the dark or make text size larger and easier to see. Some e-readers allow you to hold the screen at any angle and will shift the text along with it for a more comfortable reading position.