Since 1993

Goodbye from Team Samhain


Samhain has closed to sales and publishing titles as of March 1st, 2017. These eleven and half years have been filled with more joy than tears and I'm sorry to see it end, but nothing lasts forever and it's time to let go as the market has changed and has evolved beyond what it was in the beginning.

Thank you to all the customers for making our little company a success for so many years. For coming to believe in our brand and appreciate what we had to offer, and trusting our selections to give new voices in publishing a chance to flourish. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

Thank you to the authors for entrusting Samhain with your great works. For taking a chance a new publishing house and growing with us. We wish you all success as you move forward. Keep writing your dreams.

Thank you to the artists who made our titles beautiful with your artwork. The cover is the first thing a customer sees and what entices them into reading the cover copy. You did your job well. All the best to you, keep on creating.

Thank you to the editors who selected the content and made it shine with their wicked polishing skills. Your dedication to quality made Samhain's reputation in the community. Much success to you in your new endeavors.

Thank you to the plethora of individuals, the staff and contracts, who worked hard on a variety of projects that were the foundation of support for our authors' titles. The support team was the best, from accounting to production to support and all in between.

All my best,

Christina M. Brashear, Publisher
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.